︎Selection of soft drinks and mineral water // $4.5︎Grifter Brewing Co. Draught beer of the week // $POA
︎House wine by the glass ~ White, Rosé, Red // $9
︎House made Batch cocktails // $POA
︎Natural Wine  // $POA
︎Beers  // $POA

We have an extensive and ever changing range of craft beer and natural wine


︎Warm, house baked ciabatta w garlic, herbs, evoo & cultured butter // $6
︎Mixed, locally produced house marinated olives & pickled fennel // $8
︎Caprese: vine ripened tomato,fresh basil, burrata, evoo & aged balsamic // $14
︎House made pickles, burrata, evoo, house ciabatta // $15
︎Shaved wagyu bresola, burrata, evoo, house ciabatta // $16
︎Chefs selection of artisan cheese / mixed antipasti // $20


︎Rocket & parmigiano-reggiano, aged balsamic, evoo & lemon zest // $8
︎Mixed leaves, local kalamata olives, cherry tomato, parmigiano-reggiano, aged balsamic & evoo, lemon zest // $10

︎Rocket, spinach, vine ripened tomato, locally kalamata olives, spanish onion, feta, lemon zest, evoo // $10
︎Shaved zucchini, fresh goats curd, rye & caraway crumb, lemon & evoo // $12


︎Ragu ~ slow cooked free range lamb, seasonal herbs & vegetables, parmigiano-reggiano // $20
︎Pesto ~ seasonal herbs, nuts, evoo & parmigiano-reggiano // $17
︎Surf & turf ~ njdua (hot!!) & charred tomato, parsley, lemon, squid ink tagliatelle // $20
︎Charred tomato ~ charred tomato, seasonal herbs & vegetables, capers, olives, parmigiano-regiano // $18
︎Carbonara~ guanciale, free range egg yolk, black pepper, pecorino // $18
︎Pangrattato ~ zucchini, garlic, rye & caraway pangrattato, evoo, pickled chili, parsley, lemon // $17


Our dough is made with our own house blend of best quality stone ground flour, fermented with natural starter for a minimum of 48hrs prior to hand stretching & baking in our stone hearth oven. We are proud to serve top quality, free range organic & or ethically produced ingredients. Whenever possible we utilise local produce & as often as possible from our own off-site garden.

︎Garlic ~ fresh herbs, garlic, evoo, fior di latte, black pepper, parmigiano reggiano // $16
︎Rosa ~ rosemary, parmigiano-reggiano, Spanish onion, pistachio, evoo // $20
︎Fun guys ~ whipped ricotta, basil, fior di latte, mushroom, chili, parsley, truffle oil // $22.5
︎Reverse margherita ~ whipped ricotta, fior di latte, basil, cherry tomato, evoo. // $20
︎Joe Formaggio ~ whipped ricotta, washed rind cheese, fior di latte, black pepper // $22

︎Brussel Crowe ~ whipped ricotta, brussles sprouts, caramelised leek, thyme, pancetta, pecorino, black pepper // $22.5
︎Cream of korn ~ whipped ricotta, roasted corn, fior di latte, togarashi, rye & caraway crumb, basil, ndjua (hot!!) // $22.5


︎Margherita ~ basil, fior di latte, evoo, black pepper // $17
︎Bee Sting ~ fior di latte, sopressa, picked chili, parsley, honey // $22.5
︎Chorizo ~ mushroom, olives, onion, grape tomato, fior di latte, chorizo, rocket // $22.5
︎Salord ~ basil, mushroom, artichoke, olives, onion, grape tomato, fior di latte, rocket// $22.5

︎Mullum Madness ~ baby spinach, garlic, olives, onion, ricotta, feta, lemon // $22
︎Roast Pumpkin & Ricotta ~ roasted pumpkin, whipped ricotta, grape tomato, onion, rocket, with pine nuts or shaved pancetta // $22.5

︎Neapolitan ~ olives, Sicilian anchovies, garlic, oregano, basil, fior di latte, evoo // $20
︎Capricossa ~ fior di latte, double smoked ham, mushroom, olives, Sicilian anchovies // $22.5

︎Burrata ~ basil, garlic, oregano, olives, carmelised balsamic vinegar & burrata // $22.5
︎Lamb & Rosemary ~ braised lamb, caramelised onion & fennel, fior di latte, rosemary, lemon, parmigiano-reggiano // $22.5 
︎American~ fior di latte, soppressa, mushroom // $22.5 
︎Gourmet~ olives, grape tomatoes, artichoke, basil, onion, fior di latte, Sicilian anchovies, rocket // $22.5
︎Breakfast?~ fior di latte, double smoked ham, free range egg, oregano // $22.5
︎Dimitri ~ fior di latte, double smoked ham, soppressa, mushroom, capsicum, spanish onion, kalamata olives // $23


︎Add house pickled chili / jalapeño // $2 hh
︎Add fior di latte // $4.5
︎Add fior di latte // $4.5
︎Add shaved wagyu bresaola // $5 
︎Add chorizo // $4.5 
︎Add sopressa // $4.5 
︎Add double Smoked ham // $3 
︎Add pancetta // $4.5 
︎Add sicilian anchovies // $2 
︎Add burrata // $6


︎Sweet Tooth (aka Doughnut Time) ~ whipped buttermilk ricotta, cultured butter, fresh ground cinnamon sugar, lemon // $18
︎Crème Brûlèe (to share) // $12

Dimitri's Pizzeria is located on Crown St, Surry Hills, Sydney. Serving wood fired pizza, artisan pasta, fresh salads and more, along with craft beer and wine sourced both locally and abroad.

We take pride in offering our customers a range of best quality, locally produced beer & wine, while also supporting small independent businesses like our own.